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2021 Summer Curriculum - This is Our Prayer
Discover new ways to connect with God

Some of us speak our thoughts and feelings to God. Others are quiet, settling their hearts to make space for God. Some pray through music, art, or movement. Some pray aloud, while others’ prayers are whispers of the soul. Whether we fold our hands and bow or raise them up and look to the sky, God is longing to connect with us. God hears our prayers. In this new outdoor ministry resource from InsideOut, campers will explore the shared longings of the human heart and all the different ways Christians have prayed throughout history. Through Bible stories and spiritual practices, we’ll discover a deeper connection with God and each other and grow into the beloved community of God, where everyone is invited, loved, and celebrated for who they are. This is our prayer!

This Is Our Prayer summer camp curriculum includes:

• Bible studies centered on our longings and God’s call to be a part of
something bigger than ourselves
• Daily themes focused on our desire to be included, connected, heard, guided,
and renewed, as well as to create change and to celebrate
• A new prayer practice for each day, such as prayer partners, a labyrinth,
guided meditation, and collaborative art

 Campers will:

  • Explore scripture—what it says and what it means for them.
  • Experience a wide variety of activities that develop the This is Our Prayer theme, helping campers live out the Bible teachings in Christian community.
  • Express through worship and song their joy and commitment to live in the Spirit. 
 Camper Safety is Top Priority  

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